Nicolas de Staël (1914-1955)

Nicolas de Staël, born in 1914, was a French-Russian artist who was operating between 1940 and 1955.


Among Dutch masters, fauvists and cubists, he was heavily influenced by George Braque, who was his friend and neighbour in Paris during the 1940s,

He is internationally known for his ability to represent his subjects with his compositions of colours and application of paint in thick layers and rectangular forms, using a knife.

Galleries such as Jeanne Bucher and Nina Dausset represented de Staë in Parisl, where he was able to meet several other famous figures from the École de Paris category, such as Pierre Soulages, Zao Wou-Ki, and Hans Hartung. A couple years before his death, Paul Rosenberg got interested in his works and Knoedler organised an exhibition in New York, which got very well received by the public.

His time in the USA was very brief as he returned to Paris quite fast. After a few more years he will end up by taking his own life in 1955 at only 41 years old, by jumping out of the rooftop from the building where his atelier used to be.

His brilliant series of "Les Footballeurs" will end up influencing major art movements in later periods, such as the american abstract expresionism around the 1950-1960's..

At October 17th of 2019, his magnificent work of "Le Parc des Princes" broke a new record and was awarded for 20 millions euros at the Christie's auction house, in Paris.

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